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Finwire and Auxality in collaboration

Finwire and tech company Auxality enter into a collaboration with the goal of making the fund market more transparent for savers. Finwire has launched a unique fund news service, and Auxality now becomes a distribution and integration partner on the technology side.

“I have worked for over 20 years in the fund industry, and this is something that is really needed as the next step in making the fund market more transparent and digital. We see the news content as an important piece of the puzzle in our offering going forward”, says Auxality’s CEO and co-founder George Sallfeldt.

Transparency is in demand

“We see a very strong demand for more transparency in the fund market, and that is also why we launched our unique fund service. We must be the best at content, but we must also be able to reach our potential customers.  Then we need flexible, fast-paced and driven technical partners such as Auxality”, says Finwire’s CEO and co-founder Mats Hård.

The parties’ cooperation has already begun.

Auxuality is a tech company with partly its own SaaS products within regtech but also a consulting business. The company has grown very quickly. The head office is in Stockholm, but the company also has a large development team in Serbia.

Finwire is an established financial media in Sweden and sells its content to basically all leading financial actors and media.

“Our fund service is completely unique from both a Swedish and an international perspective, and going forward we of course aim for continued expansion. Auxality complements us in a very important way in the fund area. On the equity side, we already work with all the world’s leading players, such as Bloomberg, Factset and Refinitiv,” says Mats Hård, CEO Finwire.

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