Finwire and Auxality in collaboration

Finwire and tech company Auxality enter into a collaboration with the goal of making the fund market more transparent for savers. Finwire has launched a unique fund news service, and Auxality now becomes a distribution and integration partner on the technology side. “I have worked for over 20 years in the fund industry, and this […]

Finwire welcomes two new coworkers

We are happy to welcome Ludwig Sjöström as a new employee in Stockholm and Alva Bergland as a full-time employee in Gothenburg! Ludwig Sjöström comes from the financial industry itself and focuses on strengthening our projects and deliveries of media productions within investor communication with great commitment. Alva Bergland started with us already during her […]

Arctic Asset Management signs on for Finwire Funds

New client on board: Arctic Asset Management. They specialize in Nordic equities and fixed income and Global Life Science. Finwire Funds will be covering the Aurora funds: LifeScience and Biotech Select.   Sales inquiries sales@finwire.com +46 (0)704 25 58 20      

Finwire welcomes Fredrik Koch as new chairman of the board of directors

Finwire is stepping up the pace and strengthening its board of directors with Fredrik Koch as new chairman. Fredrik Koch contributes with his long experience from the financial information industry. Koch has previously held a number of senior positions at SIX and most recently as CTO at Infront. Finwire is growing fast. The recruitment of […]

New client sign on: NorQuant

NorQuant signs on as new client in Finwire Funds. NorQuant focuses on scientific and rule-based investmentanalysis and capital management with significant expertise in quantitative management.

Welcome Joel Anderson

Finwire expands the editorial team with Joel Andersson as new Equities Reporter. Joel has a master’s degree in Political Science from Gothenburg University and a background in PR. Welcome to the team!

Welcome Sarah Carlsson

Finwire expands its Services team with web editor Sarah Carlsson. Sarah has a degree in Political Science from Gothenburg University with special skills in communication. We are very happy to welcome her to the team!

New client sign on: Trapets

Trapets, a leading provider of Market/Trading Surveillance, AML and KYC Screening solutions, is a new client to Finwire. Trapets subscribes to Finwire News through Millistream Trader. Please contact sales@finwire.com if you are interested to know more about Finwire.

Axyer launched with Finwire News

The financial app Axyer has been launched and contains news from Finwire. Please contact sales@finwire.com if you are interested to know more about Finwire.

Finwire expands editorial team

Finwire continues to expand. Isac Boukachabia is new head of funds and Filip Lindkvist is new equities reporter focusing on life science. Please contact sales@finwire.com if you are interested to know more about Finwire news products.

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