Short visual guidelines – logotypes


Our logo is the first and most important part of our visual identity and should be use with great care.

Restricted and safe

The clear space has been established to ensure logo visibility and impact. Maintaining the safe zone between the logo and other graphic elements such as fonts, images, other logos, etc. ensures that the logo always appears unobstructed and distinctly separate from any other graphic elements.

Minimum size

The Minimum size has been carefully established to ensure our logo is reproduced correctly in smaller sizes. At Minimum size, the logo is still clearly legible and provides a strong level of identification. For even smaller sizes i.e. social media icon, we recommend to only use the humming bird.

1.1 FINWIRE-Logotype-Complete-V-2020-PMS021  – Link to eps version

1.2 FINWIRE-Logotype-Complete-H-2020-PMS021 – Link to eps version

1.3 FINWIRE-Logotype-Wording-2020-PMS021 – Link to eps version

1.4 FINWIRE-Logotype-Bird-2020-PMS021 – Link to eps version

1.5 FINWIRE-Logotype-Bird-Icon-2020-PMS021 – Link to eps version


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