Pinpoint Estimates chooses Finwire CMS

The wisdom of the crowds service provider Pinpoint Estimates has chosen Finwire’s proprietary CMS for distribution of its unique data. Finwire’s CMS, Newsclient, is an inhouse developed web-based solution for publishing news items. The technology is located in the cloud and is open to third parties.     Pinpoint Estimates Crowdsourcing estimates on stock listed […]

Finwire connects to Scila

Finwire has signed its first customer through the fintech company Scila. Scila’s mission is to support investor confidence by providing tools to all market participants to quickly and effectively identify market abuse, risk or operational errors.   scila.se Please contact sales@finwire.com if you are interested to know more.

AIFM Group signed for news feed

AIFM Group is Europe’s leading independent manager and operator of alternative investment funds (AIF). Relevant news and information from Finwire is now available on AIFM platforms.   AIFM Group Please contact sales@finwire.com if you are interested to know more

Finwire moves to new office

Finwire moves to Kungstorget 5 in the centre of Gothenburg.       After continued growth 2020, Finwire needed more space and found fantastic appropriate offices just a few hundred meters away. The new premises are larger and have lots of opportunities for meetings and gatherings, own podcast- and tv-studio and all located in the heart […]

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