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Finwire offers various feed solutions in order for you to receive our content.


Finwire pushes the news in realtime to the client. The data format is in XML or JSON. 

  • A web endpoint at the client’s webpage is requested on every new news item
  • An Email is sent when it matches the client’s selection


The client requests news at a fixed interval. The data format is in XML, JSON or RSS. The RSS feed has different extended formats with company and tagging information.

  • FTP, SFTP pull. Client checks FTP-server for new items at an interval.
  • RSS

3rd party

The client uses the feed from a third party supplier, and their platform for receiving the news.

Millistream offers a wide range of feed solutions.


A script or an Iframe is placed on the client’s webpage.

Finwire News

Finwire News Webapplication offer: 

  • Pushed news
  • Watchlist
  • Sound notifications
  • Robotvoice reading the new headlines
  • Email watchlist
  • (SMS, App push notifications)

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