Finwire in-house developed editor, the Finwire Newsclient,  is a web-based tool where administrators,editors, reporters and writers can configure the system and edit, write and publish news articles. The outgoing feeds from our Newsclient system are standard formatted feeds that are easy to integrate for any receiving system.

  • Social media adapters
    • (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn)
  • Automatic financial coding of news included
    • (ISIN, sectors, areas, language)
  • Integrated delay of news functionality
  • Historic news export functionality
  • Easy access of historic news
  • Statistics pages
  • Web-based centralized access control and configuration
  • Scheduled news publish functionality
  • Internal instant messaging
  • Several outgoing feed configurations available
    • (RSS, SFTP, FTP , HTTP and more) newsclient-new-pic