Nowadays almost anyone can shoot video, just pick up your cellphone and press the red button! Unfortunately this means that almost everyone now tries to produce video, with varying degrees of success. On Youtube alone there’s more content uploaded every second than it is physically possible for any human to watch during a lifetime.

In order to reach out through the noice it has to be well produced, well planned and of course adapted to the target market.

It doesn’t matter how awesome your production is if nobody is watching it.

If you want to communicate to investors, you’ve come to the right place. The only thing we do is perfectly produced videos aimed solely at investors. We produce everything from company presentations (towards investors, we’re not an ad agency) to webcasts from investor events.

We believe that investing should be made available for everyone, which means we need to help people understand the companies that are available for investments. Within this theme we’ve developed a number of concepts with the common theme to make the link between the company and its stock. When you buy a stock it’s not just numbers, you’re becoming co-owner of a real company with a strategy, with management, with employees and of course customers. We want the narrative, not just the numbers.

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