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Ten years ago, breaking news would be delivered direct to your desktop by one of the key news providers.  The world today looks very different.  Media fragmentation – in particular, the advent of social media – has hastened the process of disintermediation.

We know that social media can, and does, move markets.  The challenge for professional investors is how to capture it; how to understand it; and how to profit from it.

Finwire has the solution.

Finwire’s news service scans literally millions of Tweets, web sites,  blogs, RSS feeds and other media every day, drilling into the details and only highlighting the stories you really need to know about it.  The ones that are not captured by conventional news providers.

Whether you’re on the sell-side, buy-side, a trader, or even a private investor, Finwire News gives you an information advantage in the new media world.

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